Mushroom Is The Colour Of 2017!

Warmer than grey but cooler than taupe, this neutral, earthy shade is popping up everywhere. We have been using the Benjamin Moore neutrals palette to paint clients homes. From large villas near Corfu town, to smaller apartments with tiled bathrooms, this colour has proven to be a popular choice.

When paired with other neutral colours, mushroom gives a calming warm feeling to an inside space. Painting the outside of your home this colour can also give a feeling of warmth and elegance.  

Here are 5 ways to incorporate this chic colour into your home.

1. The Contrast

A contrasting coloured trim can set off this colour in a beautiful way, making your space feel open and bright.

2. Cabinets

The practical tone adds a bit of sophistication to any space, looking really great in the kitchen. 

3. Fresh Paint

There are many shades of mushroom, take a look at this Benjamin Moore colour palette and see which shade can compliment your furnishings, or can be used to paint your home on the outside.

4. The Tiles 

A subdued colour scheme can give your room a classic feeling. 

5. The Furniture

Stylish furniture in a mushroom colour will co-ordinate well within a neutral space, making your decor timeless.

What do you think of this colour?

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