7 Photos That Will Make You Want To Move To Corfu

Corfu is one of the Ionian Islands that lies off the western coast of Greece. It is considered to be the most peaceful and beautiful Greek island, where the pace of life is simple and quiet. 

Corfu presents a unique mix of the modern and the ancient. The old Venetian streets of Corfu town are filled with modern stores, coffee shops and restaurants. The surrounding agricultural villages are lush and green with acres of scenery. There are properties and lands for sale all around the island, some with privacy and isolation, with others situated close to the beach, tavernas and tourist areas. 

The beaches around the island are the best places to live next to, as in the summer months they will make your life easy! However, if you want a change, you can easily visit Corfu town and take a stroll in the park or get a coffee at the famous Liston cafe. The town of Kerkyra is the capital of the isle, which has Italian flavours that you cannot miss. There are narrow alleys in the town that are bordered by colourful houses and shops. You can definitely do a lot of shopping here, easily finding everything you may need, from clothing to household goods. 

Take a look at the photographs below and see how amazing the Greek life can be ..... !